4 Perine Street
New York 14437
Phone: (585) 335-3880

Take a stone and remember me.
If you need to, carry it with you. Remember me.
If you feel sad or scared, clutch it. I am with you.
But one day and you will know when, find a quiet
place you like and leave it there.
Remember me.


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Welcome to Sullivan Funeral Home

Welcome to the Sullivan Funeral Home & Cremation Center.   We offer many professional and affordable services including  traditional funeral services, cremation options, personalized memorialization, and pre-planning.   It is our goal to support you through every step of your arrangements and to pay tribute to the special memory of your loved one.

Many people have questions regarding funeral arrangements and the options that are available.   Pre-planning is one of the services we provide and in doing so a family or individual can ask questions and make choices for future need in a relaxed, comfortable  atmosphere.  We encourage you to contact us at any time.